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How To: The Surface Roll

August 8, 2005
By: Chad Beery

Here's a new trick that will either impress your friends or give you a nose full of water, depending upon the success.

It is very helpful if you are already able to perform a backroll or frontroll. The motion is similar; however, this is the one rare trick in which you bend over at the waist.

Start by cutting out on the side that you perform your best backroll from. The outward speed that you gain will help you roll around without sinking. Gradually begin to lean forward as you cut out while keeping your arms in.

When you are 15-20 feet from the wake, lean as far forward as you can, arms in, and roll onto your back. To gain enough momentum to roll completely around, you'll need to do two things:

1. Look back over your shoulder, just as you do when performing a wake backroll.

2. Perform a scooping motion at the water with your outside elbow.

I've mentioned keeping your arms in a couple of times because this is extremely important. If your arms are out, your head or shoulders will dig in to the water.

If you find that you are coming off of your board, this usually means that you are not leaning over far enough and the tail of the board is catching the water. This catch will make the board pop off of your legs.

If you can only get onto your back, congratulations! That's the hardest part. Now you'll just need to be a little more aggressive on the execution of the roll in order to make it all of the way around.

If you need more help or you just want to declare that you've succeeded, visit the thread on the discussion forum.

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