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Surface Roll

This trick looks hard but it isn't that difficult once you have got the basic principles right. The key to doing the surface roll is to do it in one continuous movement. If you get over onto your back and haven't got enough rotation to get you round, you will stay there until you let go! Most people, when trying this trick, tend to plant their shoulder in the water, which makes you go under rather than over the surface.

You will need plenty of speed for this one. Cut out really hard and as you reach the point where you start slowing down, start the roll. Make sure you keep your arms in to your body throughout. You want to get the lower part of your back onto the water first, to help do this, make a scooping action with your elbow just above the surface of the water. As ever, where you look plays a fairly big part so if you are cutting out to the left and making the scooping action with your left elbow, look over your right shoulder as far and hard as you can. This is where you get the rotation.

Rotate to your left when cutting out to the left and to the right when cutting out to the right. While you are rolling over, you must keep your arms in, letting them out will slow you down or stop you going right over. If you make it right round with your arms out it makes it very hard to get the board back underneath your body.

When you feel yourself getting the right way up again, tuck your knees up into your chest to help get the board under you. The boat will pull you the right way up again and you can now go and try it on the other side, remembering to rotate the opposite way.

If you are having trouble getting enough rotation to get you round, try asking the boat driver to turn to the opposite side you are cutting out on. When the boat is turning, cut out as before and this time because the boat is turning away, you will get much more speed which will help you to flick yourself right over. The boat doesn't need to turn round on the spot, a nice steady carve will give you just that little extra speed needed.

Once you get the hang of the surface roll and can do it quickly you should try doing it just outside of the wake. The reason for this is in competition, a lot of time is wasted cutting out to do the roll, so reducing the amount of time for other tricks.


Problem : When I start rolling over I go under the water. Solution : You are either not placing the lower half of your back on the water or your boat speed is too slow.

Problem : I get stuck on my back.
Solution : Make sure your arms are in. If they are try looking over your shoulder faster and harder or do the trick out on the whip.


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