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Wake 180
Wake 360
Switch 3



Switch 5
Back Somersault
Front somersault



Make a hard cut toward the wake. One millisecond before you hit the wake, flatten out. Ride up the wake while resisting it (see wake jump). At the top of the wake, and not before, throw your shoulders sideways in the direction of your roll. At the same time, look back over your shoulder and pull the handle to your waist. Your momentum will take you around and then you just need to land. If you are coming up short, you are most likely throwing the trick too soon, letting your arms out, bending at the waist, or not throwing the trick sideways. It is very important to keep your back straight at all times. If you lean forward at all, you will lose your rotation momentum.

What's next?
Add a grab to your backroll. Let go with your outside hand once you initiate your trick.

Hint: Sometimes pulling on the board with your free hand will help your rotation and help keep your back straight. If you're having trouble getting around on your weak side, try a grab and pull the board around.


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