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Wake 180
Wake 360
Switch 3



Switch 5
Back Somersault
Front somersault

Wake 360 Back

Make a hard cut toward the wake. When you reach the trough (the area just before the wake) spin around 180 degrees. To do this, have a palms down grip, and turn away from the wake. In other words, if the wake is approaching on your right, rotate left. If the wake is approaching on your left, rotate right. Touch your hip with your hands on the handle. Ride up the wake while resisting it. At the top of your jump, rotate back around to the front. Keep spinning another 180 degrees by pulling the handle to your opposite hip. At the same time, let go with your hand that will end up on the inside when landing so you don't get twisted.

It's very important that you don't start spinning until you are completely in the air. If you spin too soon, you'll either lose the hang time required to make it completely around or you'll land on your side. Also, make sure your head is up and looking at the horizon throughout the trick.

To land, lean forward slightly so the front of the board lands first. As soon as you get the second pop, spin back to the front.

Remember to keep your hands at your waist throughout the entire trick.

What's next? The wake 540 front.


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