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Getting Up

For some kneeboarders, the biggest challenge can be just getting up. If you follow a few steps outlined here, you’ll spend most of your time having fun and a lot less time eating water.

There are two methods used for a deep-water start. Method 1 is for beginners and/or riders with roto-molded(plastic) boards. Method 2 is for experienced riders with compression molded(fiberglass) boards.

Method 1: Lay on your board, belly down and with a palms down grip. Your nose should be slightly back from the tip of the board, arms bent, and your forearms on top of the board. The boat driver should pull you up gradually. Once you gain a little speed, use your forearms, which are still on the front of the board, to pull yourself up until your nose is right over the nose of the board. Your driver should not be going over 15mph at this point. If your board starts to hop up and down, you are either too far back or you are going too fast.

When you are ready to pop up onto your knees, grab the tip of the board with your fingertips while still holding onto the handle. Now, quickly pop up onto your knees while continuing to hold onto the tip of the board. If you don’t get all the way up, just inch your way up slowly. When your knees are finally in the correct positioning you can put on the strap and have fun! For first timers, I would recommend removing the strap so they can just get used to the board. You really only need the strap when you want to start jumping. Also, attaching a floaty key chain to the end of the strap will help a beginner to find it quicker when he falls and gets turned upside down.

Method 2: If you have a compression molded board and some good balance, you can get up quicker by starting out on your knees. Compression molded boards are not as buoyant as the plastic ones, so you can sink them. Start by placing the board in front of you and grabbing the tip of the board with both hands. Push the board down and slide it under your knees. Now all you need to do is try to keep the board under yourself. Keep it parallel with the surface of the water until the rope goes tight. Then lean back a little so the tip comes up and hit it. It helps initially to spread your arms out wide on the surface of the water for better balance. Try practicing near the shore first before you do it behind the boat. Good luck!


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