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McDouble Deluxe(Double Backroll)

This trick is one of the most impressive tricks to date. Even wakeboarders envy the fact that the McDouble Deluxe, also known as the double backroll, can be accomplished without a double-up wake.

Before you even attempt this trick, I highly recommend you wear a helmet to prevent any possible concussion. You'll also need to be very confident with your single backrolls.

Begin by cutting out wide from the wake. When the rope tightens, cut in as hard as you can since you'll need a lot of speed. Hit the wake and get into the air before you initiate the first roll. If you come up short on the second roll, you may be throwing the trick too early.

One of the biggest keys to successfully pulling of this trick is to make absolutely sure that your back remains straight. If you bend at the waist at all, you'll lose your rotation and come up short.

The other important factor is to keep the handle at your waist. As you come around on the first roll, the handle will be pulling hard on you trying to make your arms extend out and your back bend over. Resist these two factors working against you as you continue to throw your head like a usual single backroll.

Very Important : Never give up. Always carry out the trick to completion. Most people who try this trick get hurt from giving up half way through and letting go. Besides, you just might surprise yourself by just barely making it around.


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